Mentors (Men-Tors) a bitter reality in Pakistan’s Startup Scene.

“This is not how you should do it, let me tell you what is the right way.” — A sentence which I believe many startups have heard since this startup fad started in Pakistan in the year 2012. The world was moving way ahead and some people thought to cash out on the opportunity of mentorship.

The mentors in the world are the people who have learned through their hardships and reached to some point where they can be regarded as teachers or guides to the path ahead. Yes “ahead” that doesn't mean success.

There have been articles on the Pakistan’s online media which have talked about “Wannabe Entrepreneurs” etc. But there is also a thing called “Wannabe Mentors”. Although no one wants to talk about it because they are too busy brown-nosing each other. Yeah I said it. The tech-industry here in Pakistan … how should I put it in simple words, well is mostly full of people who suck-up to each other for their own self-ego. The industry is backed by few organizations who are hungry for money and endorsements, for that they are even willing to hashout a damn Nobel if the price is right.

I have been to some conferences & award ceremonies and this use to surprise me before but not now that whoever is sponsoring the whole thing is the one getting the award. Isn't that a great way to fill your shelf in your office with a bunch of useless awards which you've paid for out of your own pocket.

Enough talk on those secret organizations and lets focus on BAD MENTORS. Yes they would give you advise and they would show you the stars but they won’t stand with you when the going gets tough because they would have other important things suddenly comeup or some urgent business meeting to attend to or some crazy date to go to. They would talk about their own success but won’t make sure that you also get one. They would explain you the methods to change or pivot your idea but they won’t tell you the real way how to do it. These so called mentors would look deep into your product and if they find it interesting they would tell you it’s useless to work on and after some time a company out of no-where would be building it and you won’t ever know who is behind that company.

There are good mentors around but sorry to say that out of many mentors I have seen so far most of them have been nothing but self-centred, self-loathing, ego-hungry people. They need people to suck up to them everyday just to give out a single piece of advice.

TechCurnch last August wrote an article about Mentors do check it out at following link

Those were some of my thoughts on mentors. If you think that you have something to add to that drop me a line at twitter or facebook.

Adios !

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