How AI can help Telcos win 5G race?

Technology is ubiquitous including artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the successful adoption of AI technology across multitude of corporations over the past several years, has made it clear that this technology is finally here to stay and proliferate further. Unlike previous attempts to foray into the methodology which failed to gain meaningful traction, it is now making news all over the industry. You take any vertical, such as telco or finance or healthcare and try to find some applications of AI/ML for solving business cases. …

Intelligent Edge is a continually expanding set of connected systems and devices that gather and analyze data — close to the end users, the data, or both. Users get real-time insights and experiences, delivered by highly responsive and contextually aware apps. Unarguably, the Intelligent Edge provides analytics capabilities that were formerly confined to on-premises or cloud data centers.

The term “Intelligent Edge” or “Intelligence at the Edge” is used in many ways, but perhaps the best way to think of it is as a place where the action is. It’s a manufacturing floor, a building, a campus, a city, your…

In its simplest form, machine learning is the ability of machines to learn from past experiences using historical data (supervised and semi-supervised cases) to solve a given problem. It uses different algorithms to realise one or more (mathematical) models that act as baseline for producing the desired result set, while consuming input data parameters (dimensions). This is the fundamental difference from any computer program where instead of programmatic implementation of a logic or algorithm a trained model is used to produce the output.

By combining RPA with cognitive technologies such as machine learning, speech recognition, and natural language processing, companies…

Adnan Khan

A technology enthusiast manoeuvring the realms of AI/ML and IoT with focus on process improvement, automation in telco and healthcare spaces.

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