Breathe and Flourish

Have you ever felt the sudden bolt of spiritual awakening? A strong connection with unseen?

I belong to that part of the world where singing has been blended with Sufi poetry and the typical way of singing the songs which connect you with deeper meaning of life, appreciation and love.

In West, what i have found that, though they are on more advanced level, focus is on creating subliminal or entrainment technologies. Meditation programs such as Centerpointe, UltraMeditation market themselves as programs which can put you in deep trance where one can expect to enjoy some spiritual experience.

Probably West is a society which is fast paced, people do not have time (surprisingly) for their own lives to grow on spiritual level so that they can grow and realise the deeper meaning of their life.

Slow down in your life, breathe and reflect on how you can live a life which is beyond your own self. Learn to experience deeper meaning of your life by slowing down in your life, reflecting and introspecting as to what is working and what is not working in your life.

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