How to Make Most of Your Commute Time


I was recently reading a wonderful article on how to properly utilize your time while commuting.

Backed by some of the best research on how to be productive while commuting and keeping our motivation high, this post on HBR was full of tips on how to reclaim our commute time. In this post, I will not only be summarizing what the article is all about but will also be adding my own insights based upon my experience and research.

Thinking About Productivity and Achieving More

One of the fundamental findings of the research shared in the article points towards thinking about being productive and planning the work during the commute time.

Study found out that those who plan for their work during their commute tend to show more job satisfaction and productivity as compared to the people who simply pass their commute time with random acts.

This is clearly something which points towards the fact that commute time can be better utilized if we actually plan for our work during this time. Thinking about what actions we will take, how we will perform during the day, what we will say in the meetings etc are some of the acts which one can easily plan during the commute time instead of listening music on spotify or watching YouTube videos or even texting.

Socialising Meaningfully

If you are using public commute, chances are that your colleagues may also join you on the journey. If you are living far off from your work place, make sure to have company during the commute.

In order to be more productive and satisfied with your job despite commuting for 1 to 2 hours for the work, it is always critical to reach out to the others. The study clearly outlines the need to reach out to others instead of being a lonely wolf during the journey.

Find out if your colleagues share the same travel route or not. Find out if any of the other person working in same building as of yours also shares the same route and reach out. Discuss, share and learn from each other instead of passing your time without socialising meaningfully.

Setup Commute Rituals

Another simple yet effective way to utilize your commute time is to have rituals. Doing same thing again and again may be boring but if you truly want to enjoy your commute time, try to build rituals.

I normally eat my breakfast at a small restaurant near my office. This allows me to think, pause and reflect upon what I m going to face during my office day. Though this is not my well established routine as I skip the breakfasts, but whenever I do, it helps me to refocus and get more clarity.

Pursue your Passions

Commute time could also be easily used to pursue your own passions. Instead of staring at your smartphone screens, try to appreciate the beauty of the route you are passing through.

If you love photography, take pictures, make time-lapse videos etc. And if you are a religious person you read Bible or listen to motivational tapes and audio books.

Pursuing your passions during the commute time is surely going to give you a lot of energy to think beyond your work and other mundane tasks and engage in pure creativity and imagination.

This study is a very clear example of how thinking on out long term career goals and utilizing free time to think and plan can make us more satisfied with the work and achieve long term career success.

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