The Mystic

The mystic is someone who makes a distinction between what is man made and what is natural. He realises that the point of life is not to accumulate money. Money is just a game set up by humans to create value but in its construct it trivialises and makes information, systems and outcome/output into a sellable commodity.

Mysticism understands that a grander, more universally expansive and primordial/timeless construct exists that predates us. It relies on ways of thinking that unlocks these timeless structures and systems. It demands and requires a change of perspective and thinking of its adherents so that they could fathom what was previously unfathomable.

The mystic participates in sense making through the path of direct experience. This is its more preferred if not exclusive path. Secondhand experiences are mere reference points but a mystic understands that a direct experience far surpases the value of memorising academic texts. This is because direct experience of truth is the very objective of mysticism. These deeply life changing and profound direct experiences of truth, divinity and love changes the mystic beyond what he could expect, opening within him the infinite capacity to Love, Be Love and to understand the inner workings of the world.