I am going to die

Dear me,

Have you ever thought about the last moments of your life? The moment when the whole life flashes in front of your eyes.

Do you know, dear me, what will you then see?

Now take a step back while holding on to that emotion you just discovered. You are 28 years old, and you are trying more than ever…

Are you?

What do you do in life?

Well I am your conscious, and I can say something about you.

You will not last forever. Your time in this life is limited. No one can tell how your life ends.

Do you waste your time?

Take a look around yourself.

Any item you see has its expiration date, just like yourself. Are you trying to make the most of your day? If yes, then how? Do you use your 24 ?

Can you tell me that you are going early to bed and early to rise to make yourself healthy, wealthy and wise?

How much TV do you watch? Is it ON at this very moment, or you are left alone with your thoughts.

I found it difficult to concentrate while my TV is on, since there would always be something that would make me look away from what I had been doing.

Do you still study and read?

By analyzing successful people, I found out that all of them never stopped reading and studying, even whilst having huge problems to deal with. There is always something new to learn, regardless of your profession.

How much do you sleep?

I can tell you that having too much sleep isn’t good, and it might be even worse than having too little. You might be different, however in my own experience, I perform the best when having 8 hours of sleep, even though I force 6 hours during work days. Then I give myself a break on Sunday. I use those extra hours to read about the latest technologies, to meditate and bring myself up spiritually.

How do you organize your day?

I like to make notes on what I should be doing that day and it works, for most of the time. Listing your tasks for the given day is a challenge that you need to take and see how you are doing. Are you a boss, a leader, or a contractor?

If you can make yourself finish the list on time then you are a good boss.


If you manage to leave some tasks out, and don’t care too much, than you are a contractor, a bad one if I may notice. You might be surviving due to some credit you earned in the past or you are actually burning through your most valuable resources such as money, time, health, just so you can watch a couple of football games, TV show re-runs and similar.

 You are able to INSPIRE yourself to finish the list on time.

How often do you challenge yourself ?

Can you think of a product idea and launch it within 24 hours ? Can you build a test project using a whole new approach? Can you carry your plans through to a successful conclusion? I need to do more of this to speed up my learning process. I am aware that you learn the best when you get out of your comfort zone. Can we do that?


I like the saying “Don’t try to be another Steve Jobs, try to be the first and the best Adnan Sabanovic”. I am sure the saying doesn’t include my name, but you get the point. Also, have a look at Kung Fu Panda 3 and the message given at the end of the movie.

Optimize your life by organizing your time. Make sure you put values in your daily hours.

In the end, know that you are going to die, but no one knows when. Make that be your motivation to accomplish something that people will remember you for.

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