Here’s An Idea — 9 to 5 Warriors

Take a second and think back with us. Let’s go back to before the pimple faced rage to a simpler time. A time when nostalgia meant a tummy ache and you weren’t the only rugrat with cutesy misnomers.

This is what Brandon Braswell, the creator of 9 to 5 Warriors, does to the kid inside every time you open a fresh wax pack; he takes you back. Not only is the artwork vibrant and snappy but they’re chock full of background stories and fun facts. Quite frankly, the detail put into this first series is impressive.

So I was obviously thrilled when he asked me to help suss out a story line for the product launch. What Brandon wanted to create was a story that encompassed the Saturday morning vibe of yesteryear. Done. We started by giving each main player a goal. Colonel Custard, for example, is hell bent on getting his hands on every drop of Jinsei Energy drink that comes into the office, meanwhile Brigadier Bounce E. just wants a cool desk to snack under.

We split the 8 anthropomorphized objects into warring factions of 2, with Major Eraser leading the Water Cooler Commandos and Colonel Custard heading the round table of Break Room Bandits and put them to work.


A warm cup of joe isn’t the only thing brewing at McMillan & Co. When a freak accident sparks life into obsolete office supplies their fearless leader, Major Eraser, teams up with the office loner, Alan McMillan, to keep things running smoothly. It would be an easy days work, too, if it wasn’t for the rotten Break Room Bandits. Colonel Custard and his leftover cronies’ plan to unlock the true power of Jinsei, a mysterious energy drink, must be stopped at all costs.

After months of going back and forth, pouring over the story line and hammering out details, we finally landed on a theme we were happy with. It was meant to be a short animation that tacks on to the intro above, but after checking our (lack of) finances, we decide to turn the project into a comic book series.

If you’ve ever jumped out of bed on Saturday morning itching for a bowl of cereal and classic shows like X-Men or Inspector Gadget, then this series should come with milk, but don’t take our word for it, check out the 1st edition 9 to 5 Warriors’ comic book for yourself.

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