“The zidanism” : Another vision of hiring strategies

There is a strong belief spread among the classical liberalism and the industrial sector that says: “having experience means being competent” and based on this belief many companies nowadays require experience as a prerequisite condition to be hired for a job, while competence should be the main criteria when it comes to selecting and hiring employees.

“The number of years is not necessarily an indicator of value”

An experienced person can be incompetent while an inexperienced one can be very competent because competence isn’t necessarily the result of years of work and repeating the same tasks over and over again. Moreover, experience is something that a person gains in their first couple of years of work, then, they repeat everything that they learned in those two years for the rest of their life, which means that someone who has been working for 20 years has comparable amount of experience to someone who has been working for 3!

Competence is instead the result of hard work, persistence, innovation, creativity and even talent in some cases, just like the case of Zinedine Zidane: he had zero coaching experience when he started training Real madrid however, and with lots of determination and hard work he achieved success in a short amount of time. In fact, he made history by winning 7 trophies in just 19 months making real Madrid a great team again, all that thanks to his passion, determination and big talent. On the other hand, José Morinho who has been a professional coach for 10 years has only won 3 trophies in 3 years, which means that despite all the years of working as a coach he wasn’t competent enough to be the coach of a big team like real Madrid.

Surprisingly, competence can be found outside of the “practise” sphere !

That’s why I believe that companies should take into consideration the fact that experience doesn’t automatically mean competence and that inexperienced people can be very competent.

“If they’re good enough, they’re old enough”

Companies should also start taking some risks and start recruiting young people who share the company’s values, beliefs and goals because young employees can go very far with their competitive attitude and winning spirits instead of wasting millions on so-called competent employees whose competence is automatically assumed because of their “long experience”.

Who could have predcited the future Zidane’s Real Mardrid or of Zuckerberg’s Facebook?

Mark zuckerberg, Zinedine zidane, Steve jobs, Bill gates and many other successful people weren’t experienced when they first started but they were very competent and they believed in themselves and in their abilities, they had a big dream and a great drive to achieve it not a curriculum vitae full of their years of experience.. And that’s why I think that companies should believe in the value and power of the youth and in the fact that they can be competent enough for any type of job even without any experience because competence is a combination of skill, knowledge, determination, dedication and commitment… These features should be determined and assessed in different ways : Through professional interviews that are focusing on their ambitions and goals instead of focusing on the candidate’s professional past, through a real placement tests based on IQ levels, through a psychological exams who test the candidate’s stress resistance and other types of psychological barriers… this is what companies must evaluate !

We can’t deny the power of experience but we must believe in the youth and their great energy, big ambitions and fresh ideas. This is why recruiters, entrepreneurs and companies directors must use the “zidanisme” startegy ( in reference to Zidane) and give more opportunities to young people because there’s always a first time for everything.