It didn’t happen by accident.

We started out selling our hot sauce to the public at the local Maui Swap Meet and Farmers Market every Saturday morning. Slowly, we worked our way into wholesaling to local stores like Mana Produce, Kihei Caffe, Tutu’s Pantry and then to larger grocery stores like our local Whole Foods Market.

One of our biggest opportunities came a little over a year ago when we made it into Costco Maui with our Pineapple Habanero hot sauce. We were thrilled for the chance to get our sauce to a larger audience of people who love it as much as we do. To those without the knowledge of what we’ve gone through behind the scenes, it might look like it’s been easy.

But it didn’t happen by accident. This is our story.

One day while picking up supplies at Costco, I got to talking with one of the managers. I asked her who was in charge of the buying decisions for Hawaii and got the buyer’s contact information. The next day I called and asked what it took to get our product into Costco.

But this is where the scary part starts.

When the purchase order came in a few hours later, it was twice the size that we had anticipated. You might think “Awesome!” and it was, except that you don’t actually get paid from a purchase order until 30 days after you deliver the product.

A week later, it fell through.

Next, an investor from the Bay area contacted us and expressed interest in investing in Adoboloco. We had worked with them in the past so we thought this would be a great option. We talked and came to an agreement on the percentage and the investment amount.

Then the attorneys got involved.

They went back and forth endlessly with revisions to the contract. We could never come to an agreement and it was becoming very time consuming. Worse, I was starting to lose focus on making the sauce and realized it wasn’t going to work with the investor, so it was time to pull the plug on the negotiations.

The next day, we got the call that would change everything.

A few weeks prior, we had put up our 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser for sale. We’d purchased it used and it had been very useful to our family. But as we got deeper into the sauce business it was becoming less conducive for transporting our supplies and equipment. It had gone weeks without selling, but this buyer offered us cash and we accepted the offer, even though it was a bit shy of what we were asking. It was now or never.

The day we dropped it off was such a huge relief.

For the next five months we didn’t have a car or truck. We borrowed my father in-laws truck and bummed rides from family. We had to wait until we got paid from Costco to even start looking for a replacement. Eventually we would find a truck for sale that could handle the loads we needed to carry and a used family car from Oahu that we shipped over to Maui.

Our first pallet of Adoboloco Pineapple Habanero Hot Sauce almost ready for delivery.

So if you have an idea or something you’ve been sitting on for a while, don’t wait. You’ve got to go out and make it happen — because nothing happens by accident.



Made in Hawaii sauces, rubs and other delicious Island flavors, naturally ONOlicious! #Adoboloco #Maui

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Made in Hawaii sauces, rubs and other delicious Island flavors, naturally ONOlicious! #Adoboloco #Maui