I did not tell you this.

Dear sincere,

Every time you cry, I want to hug you tight and shield you from the world. A world that does not see how much dedication you put to your work, how much sacrifices you make for the little things that lead to perfection, for that incremental improvement in the well being of your patient. In spite of all this, when you are disappointed, for the patient that did not improve, for the relative who did not have sense to talk to you politely after your 48 hour shift, it just kills my heart to see that you are not appreciated enough.

No one said it is going to be easy. It should not be. That will probably kill the whole joy of the hard work. But no one said that you also have to be hard on yourself for every small mistakes that happen.

Learn to step on it and build.

I have always heard you wondering if you will be good enough for all this. You have always asked if you are going anywhere with all this. This is just the beginning and trust me, you are going to be excellent.

I don’t know if you are interested in gardening. Try growing a plant once. For a long time nothing happens on the surface. You wonder. But you keep watering it through your daily chores. One day after many days, you will see a leaf sprout. Like the morning light that spreads over the horizon till it assimilates the darkness. And then you realize, all the time you wondered why nothing was happening on the surface, the roots were digging deep in the earth.

Dear flower, keep growing.