Bernie Sanders Takes Syracuse By Storm

Despite the fact it was a dreary, 44-degree day in Syracuse on April 12th, 2016, Syracuse was still feeling the Bern. Just over 5,000 people filled the Oncenter Convention Center in down town Syracuse to here Bernie Sanders speak. And his opening statement sure set the tone for the rest of the rally.

“I can tell from this loud, large, raucous crowd that Syracuse is ready for a political revolution.”

If that does not get you motivated right off the bat, I am not sure what will.

Sanders featured a good mix of progressive.


And even comedic in delivery.

And he definitely knows how to play to his audience.

But by far the best moment of the rally came when Sanders brought up Donald Trump. (Skip to the 1:23:00 mark).

I am by no means someone who is deeply invested in politics, and I certainly do not agree with everything Sanders says, but it was hard not to get swept up in almost everything he was saying. I was rather indifferent about going in the first place, and only really went because my friends needed a ride down there.

But I left feeling different. This is the first election I will have the opportunity to participate in, and I think it just felt good to feel involved with the political process.

And maybe it was just cool to hear the potential future President of the United States speak in person.

Like I said, it is a cool feeling to just be involved. And 5,000 screaming people certainly invokes a certain emotion that is unrelated to anything else. Sanders may not win Presidency, but one thing is for sure, there are millions of people that will need a lot of Aloe Vera when his campaign is over.

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