Why men’s leather jackets never go out of style

Leather Jacket for Men

There are some things which are just considered classic by nature. The quality of these things is that they never tend to go out of style. It might seem strange that so many changes are seen in the world of fashion yet there are so many things which have been in fashion for decades however this is true of many items. Leather jackets for men are one of these things. There are many other examples of products like this. Black aviator glasses, blue jeans, black suits are just some examples of things which never seem to go out of style.

The reason such items don’t go out of fashion is because they are considered to be classics. When something becomes classic it basically becomes eternally fashionable to wear. There are seasonal variations and some new designs which might be added to the product but the basic product just stays cool. If one were to trace the lineage of such products it would become apparent that even in popular media these things are always worn by the coolest characters. Leather jackets were something which were initially seen being worn by cowboy types in videos and pictures. However the image was coopted by other characters. You can see leather jackets in all types of movies, from Terminator 2 to the Matrix. Every genre of movie has heroes wearing leather jackets.

Another reason is that the concept of fashion making a statement is not too old. Before the so called ‘century of self’ started the focus of clothes was purely utilitarian. This meant that fashion was reserved for the high classes while the middle class wore clothes purely as a form of protection. However when fashion started becoming mainstream people took these utilitarian objects and made them a part of the identity. Leather jackets for men have been used to make a statement about being rugged and utilitarian.

This is at the core of every classic thing out their; it was never strange to wear them. Thus they were never out of place. For example there was a trend of men applying lots of hairspray in the 80s. Whatever you may think about how this looked one thing which you have to accept is that it was never useful or necessary to wear hairspray. If you were going to work a 100 years ago you wouldn’t apply hairspray (even if it was available) because you would look stupid. Men’s leather jackets on the other hand could always be worn. Because they are inherently a good thing to wear due to their durability wearing them showed that you made sensible clothing decisions and were wearing things which made sense to wear. Thus, since the core of the item was utilitarian, it was never stupid to wear them. This made sure that the thing was not a phase of fashion but rather a classic item for a man to own.

As time goes on our ideas of masculinity are changing. People are challenging gender roles and what women and men can do in these new times. However men’s leather jackets are still in fashion purely because they are not merely a fashion statement. They manage to not go out of style because they transcend style itself. If you showed up to a place wearing a leather jacket you wouldn’t have to justify wearing it and no one would think about why you were wearing it. Thus if you own such a jacket you can pretty much wear it anywhere except formal affairs and you are good to go.