Welcome to the Bias Bar — Can I serve you a bias of mine?

A museum experiment in addressing a sensitive topic.

“I judge people as soon as I see them. I wish I could stop.”

“Because I’m Jamaican, everyone expects me to smoke weed.”

“I need to become more educated on Muslim beliefs and culture.”

Bias Bar — Photos: Adeline Cuvelier

Here’s the menu.

And here are some of the biases we’ve been served:

“I often think that people are less educated than me when they don’t share my political opinions.”

“People think that because I am an introvert, I am easily manipulated and can be spoken for.”

“I’m not a woman because I don’t want kids.”

“I’m a medical doctor and I’m homosexual. I’ve been told that I’d better make transvestite shows, instead of being a doctor!”

“When the IRA bombed London, Manchester and Birmingham, we didn’t ban all the Irish or Catholics, we understood it was a small group of arseholes.”

“I am not a racist, but I voted for Donald Trump.”

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