FEMA — Dogs at a shelter for displaced pets in Texas

10 ways of supporting pet adoption

When thinking about overpopulation in animal shelters, what is the image that comes to mind?

I’m guessing we have all seen the countless infomercials about it on TV. We know exactly what they are about to say when that Sarah McLachlan song comes on. We one by one avert our eyes so that we don’t have to see the painfully unfair, even cruel display that is about to be put before us. But simply turning our heads isn’t going to solve any problems.

In most cases, animal shelters and adoption agencies try their best every day to help many animals find wonderful new homes. However, the number of animals taking residence in these shelters is at an extreme, and we need YOUR help in spreading the word.

So… do you want to help pets get adopted? Here’s how!

1- Volunteer at a shelter

Animals that are being housed in shelters need to know what love is, just as much as the pets we love and care for at home. Spending time with them helps nurture their spirits, especially in the cases where the pet has been traumatized, mistreated or abused. Showing your compassion can teach them to be more comfortable around people, which in turn, helps them make a good impression on potential adopters!

2- Donate Supplies to Local Shelters

Shelters are interested in doing everything they can to help their animals in need. By donating supplies – food, toys, blankets, brushes, etc. – the shelter can then focus more of their budget towards keeping their pets happy and healthy. Anything and everything helps!

3- Share on Social Media

By sharing photos of pets you know are looking for a home, information about local shelters, helpful facts about adoption and anything else pet related can help raise awareness to the problem at hand. The greater the exposure to the issue, the more people we have looking to shelters to find their new furry friends.

4- Take Snazzy Photos of Adoptable Pets

If you find yourself in a position where you have pets up for adoption, know of adoptable pets or work for a shelter in which you have access to these pets… take their pictures! Everyone loves a cute kitty photo or an adorable dog to drool over. By using a wide exposure to blur the background, the pet can be the entire focus of the photo, making them absolutely irresistible!

5- Sign Up for a Shelter Event

Many shelters make appearances at fairs, festivals, walks and runs. You can do your part by either participating in the event, donating, or volunteering to help be a pet buddy for the day! By being a volunteer, you can make sure the pets are being noticed by potential adopters. You can even dress them up in cute little bandanas or vests to get them noticed!

6- Get Others Involved and Educated

Have friends that are looking to adopt? Get them educated about their adoption options. The more informed people are before going through with an adoption, the likelier it will be that they, and their new pet, are as happy as can be for many years to come.

7- Fundraise

Have a bake sale! Help your little sister put together a lemonade stand! Have kids from the high school do a car wash! There are so many ways to raise money for pets in need. Even small donations can go a long way and the animals will inevitably appreciate it.

8- Get Connected!

Chances are, if you are concerned about the well-being of millions of animals living without homes, other people are too. Don’t be shy and reach out! You can hold a neighborhood food drive for donations or ask a local pet store if they would be able to donate extra toys, blankets or other necessities. Look into cost efficient veterinarian companies and even pass out flyers to up the awareness of pet health and safety!

9- Foster a Pet

Some of us just aren’t ready for adoption, it can be a big step! To the people living in this fear, I say that foster care is the answer. It is immensely helpful to take an animal into your home, even if only for a short time. You are giving this pet the gift of constant love and a comfy home, one in which they have much more room to grow. People who care for pets in foster care are also more likely to become better adoptive parents. It will give you experience with training animals, keeping a timely feeding schedule, playing schedule, knowing how to keep them healthy, and of course, it will show you why adopting a pet can be the best decision you’ve ever made.

10- And finally… Use Adopets! We are here to help!

If you or anyone you know is looking to adopt a pet, Adopets is the place to go! Our organization is here to make pet adoption just that much easier. If you go to our website, you will find that through simple navigation, you are just seconds away from selecting, viewing and adopting your new best friend! You can track your applications and we will keep you informed of the process every step of the way. Through Adopets, we know you can find exactly who you are looking for.

So what are you waiting for? There are millions of wide eyed, tail wagging, wet nosed pets, filled with wanderlust, just waiting for someone to pick them up and take them home. The movement begins with us! Take that first step, and do your part today.