There are no specific laws on surrogacy in Alabama hence the courts remain generally favorable towards the process. In Alabama, the process of finding surrogates for couples is mostly managed by clinics and agencies. These clinics and agencies work together using the knowledge of all parties involved to match intended parents with suitable carriers. The process of becoming a Surrogate in Alabama includes a thorough application process, complete medical, psychological and physical evaluation, history and social environment considerations and the compensation technicalities.

Thanks to the open policy about Surrogacy in Alabama, couples that could have been deterred from experiencing the joy of having a child can enjoy this amazing experience.


(1) Potential surrogates must be between 23–39 years of age

(2) Must have delivered and raised at least one child

(3) Must have had not more than four pregnancies with no pregnancy complications

(4) Must have had not more than two C — sections

(5) Must not be the recipient of any form of government assistance (food stamps, housing etc.)

(6) Must have no criminal history. This also applies to her spouse or partner

(7) Must not be a tobacco user

(8) Must have no history of substance abuse

(9) Must have no history of mental health disorders

(10) Must not exceed the Body Mass Index benchmark of 30

(11) Must be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident


Surrogacy in Alabama offers considerable compensation and thus opens up endless opportunities for the surrogate. In Alabama, surrogates earn a minimum of 30,000 dollars. Some earn as much as 50,000 dollars for one pregnancy. The amount payable to the surrogate depends on what suits the parties involved in the surrogacy arrangement.

Surrogates can be rest assured of excellence service in Alabama. Couples are not left behind as the interests of all parties are adequately catered for.