Deca Production(s)

Today is the day that we start something weird.

A while ago, I was at the Anthis Career Center. I applied for the TV Production & Broadcasting class. After doing our first pile of paperwork, we got started on our video projects. The first few projects we did are not on Deca, but I will still tell you about them. The first thing the class had to do was to do a project about emotions.

I made one about a “Go to the office, find a pile of papers and leave the room” cliche.

I starred in some emotions projects as well.

Auston’s project (which I was a secondary actor in) was a weird and nerdy video about an angry guy using the force to injure/kill everyone in the hallways of Anthis.

The same kid made a hilarious horror movie trailer (Coming to Deca) with a similar concept. Except that this time, the serial killer wearing a fox mask and is killing everybody that was outside.

And there was the “What if the world sounded like…” stuff. I starred in too many of these. I made a silly one called, “An Expensive Horror Movie: The Not So Expensive Prequel.”

An Expensive Horror Movie: The Not So Expensive Prequel

But after that, we started on projects that would be featured in Deca.

Although everybody liked the fake ad for an energy drink that I made a while ago, my favorite project for Deca was Cravings.


It wasn’t too great as friends and relatives asked me repetitively about my projects like “when does it air on TV?”. It was on LTV 54 (Comcast’s number is 54, Frontier’s number is 24), where almost nobody watches NASA footage, PTA meetings and stuff like Deca. The deadline & premiere of the Deca was October 14, 2015. I am going to be nervous about my family seeing all of this madness. Although barely anyone watches Public Access I just can’t help but think “What if they watch this show with all of the crazy things that us millennials do that are school appropriate?”

But here we are, after weeks of messing up, trying again and drinking enough caffeine to increase our chances of getting heart disease. We are now going to present to you our first episode of Deca Production(s). Brought to you by Blurry Energy.

Deca Production(s) Show 1
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