Women Techmakers Ajah IWD event recap

On Saturday 27th April 2019, we held the first Women Techmakers Ajah international women's day event. And it was nothing but amazing!

Event Agenda

In this event, we had five speaker sessions and one roundtable session. These sessions covered a wide range of domains from Web to Android to AI to Personal Branding.

Our first talk was on building a killer personal brand, led by Gift Egwuenu, a Software developer at Andela. She told us why it’s important to build a brand and also shared a 12-month strategy that could help in the brand building process.

You can find the slides here:


Our second talk was on the importance of web accessibility in web development, led by Judith Oiku, a Web developer and Women Techmakers Ikorodu Ambassador. She broke down accessibility and made us understand that the web should be for everyone and as a result, should be easily accessible regardless of the device or user.

Our third talk was on CSS custom variables, led by Chioma James, a Web developer at Webcoupers. She talked about CSS custom variables and how they can reduce duplicate code. She also made us understand the importance of taking browser compatibility into consideration when frontend engineers want to add a new feature to their web apps.

You can find the slides here:


Our fourth talk was on the important things to know to get started with android development, led by myself. In this session, I introduced Android, spoke a bit about its evolution and showed everyone how to launch and build an Android project.

You can find the slides here: https://speakerdeck.com/adoranwodo/zero-to-android-developer

Our last talk was on the importance of AI in society. It was led by Fatima Haruna, an AI enthusiast and Software developer at Delivery science.

We also had a roundtable discussion and got to know one another. We also shared how we got out first tech jobs to encourage some people that were just leaving boot camp and were still trying to get things figured out.


In total, we had approximately 20 guests which were a lot less than the number of registered people (64).

Either way, since this is the first event I’m organizing, I have learned that not all registered people show up for these events so it’s always important to note that when planning a tech meetup in your local community.

If you’re looking to plan a meetup soon, it’s important to keep this in mind.

20% of our guests were men while 80% were women.

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Appreciation ❤️

This event would not be possible without our amazing external speakers — Gift Egwuenu, Judith Oiku, Chioma James & Fatima Haruna. You girls rock!

I would also like to say thank you to my Co-Ambassador Blessing Ajibero for helping out with this event’s preparation and Sam Okediji for helping with the venue.

I also want to appreciate our sponsors, Women Techmakers and Google Developers. You are amazing!

And lastly, there would be no event if our guests didn’t show up. I would like to appreciate everyone that took out time to come for this event.

You are all amazing ❤️.

To many more events ✌🏼.

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