“Just Be Yourself”: what it means and how to do it every day

“Be yourself” is a phrase used often in today’s culture. It’s a piece of advice we give people before dates, job interviews, or large social gatherings. We say, “Just be yourself. They’ll love you.”

Ok, lovely. Just be myself. What does that even mean? When I think of people who are “being themselves”, the phrase, free-spirited comes to mind. I envision someone who is laughing and playing and dancing — freely, without caring or comparing, without thinking twice. They’re just being.

Here are a few simple, everyday ways to just be yourself

Share your interests and passions with the world. Social media is perfect for this. So is your choice of clothing and hairstyle. Expressing yourself genuinely through social media is an easy way to share a little bit of who you are every day. Feel like rockin’ your Backstreet Boys tee today? Why not? Be yourself.

Submit to your guilty pleasures. Maybe you like to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians or maybe you like to read gossip magazines. Maybe your thing is to eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream out of the container or maybe you can’t resist buying Cheetos whenever you’re in a gas station. Awesome! Do it! Be yourself.

Do something no one else knows about. Wear your silliest underwear to work. Stash a bag of M&Ms in your closet. Listen to an old NOW CD during your drive. Leave yourself a note in your lunch box. Email your favorite celebrity. Have little secrets with yourself. Be yourself.

Sing and/or dance to your favorite throwback song. Personally, this one is my favorite. For whatever reason, I can’t help but JAM. OUT. whenever I hear Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon or Crazy for this Girl by Evan and Jaron. And let me tell you, I rarely feel more free-spirited than I do when I’m singing and dancing like a fool. Be yourself.

Take a walk down memory lane. Reminiscing about the good ol’ days is a surefire way for you to channel your inner self. It allows you to remember, reflect, and appreciate where you’ve been and where you are now. Share the photos with some friends or family members and immerse yourselves in the memories. Be yourself.

Share a bit of personal info with others. Have an opinion about something? Share it (respectfully, of course). When coworkers or family members talk about their latest Netflix addictions, the newest fitness craze, or even the weather — add to the convo with a little bit of your unique perspective or experiences. Be yourself.

Don’t be afraid to fly solo. Your interests may be different than those of the most important people in your life. Don’t let that keep you from pursuing a passion. One of the best ways to get to know yourself is to spend time alone and develop your most authentic interests; it just might enthuse other areas of your life too! Be yourself.

So next time someone says, “Just be yourself”, remember yourself as the free-spirited, fun, and unique being that you are.