Reality Check: Hope is Not a Strategy

Without hope,

How would you cope with a health issue?
How would you deal with troubles in marriage or parenting?
Would you work hard in your career without hope for a promotion?
What would be the point of having faith?

Hope allows us to be optimistic, positive, and encouraged. It promotes courage, faith, and confidence.
We all need hope.

But hope is meant to be just that — something we need and something we have. It is a mentality. It is not an action word.

Hope is not a strategy used to achieve our goals and dreams.

  • You can hope for a healthy body, but hope alone won’t get you one without effort, consistency, and willpower.
  • You can hope for a better marriage, but hope alone won’t get you there without communication, love, and respect.
  • You can hope to be a better parent or friend, but hope alone won’t make you one without generosity, humility, and compassion.
  • You can hope for a successful career, but hope alone won’t make it happen without hard work, persistency, and grind.
  • You can hope to free yourself from addiction, but hope alone won’t get you there without effort, determination, and support from others.
  • You can hope to recover from negative body image or disordered eating, but hope alone won’t do it without work to increase self-awareness, self-love, and support from others (start here).
  • You can hope to improve your relationship with God, but hope alone won’t help you achieve it without effort, humility, and perseverance.

Hope is not a strategy. Hope keeps us motivated, determined, inspired, and optimistic. It keeps us working with the end in mind. It’s what we are looking at when we envision our goals being achieved.

Have hope as you create the life you dream of, but have a plan — with real, measurable steps — that’ll actually get your moving in the right direction.

Originally published at on February 17, 2016.