Through the Valley

I never anticipated becoming part on the ‘un-churched’. Had you told me that I would spend over a year outside the church looking in, I would have called you crazy. I’m a licensed minister; an ordained deacon; taught every age group from 5 to 65; served as Sunday School Director; chaired committees… I’ve done it all and loved it all. Yet today, here I sit. Today, I am ‘un-churched’. And I am heartbroken over it.

You see, I haven’t lost my faith. I still love the Lord deeply. However, the valley has been deeper at times than I could or would have anticipated. I have questioned so much over the past year. At first, I thought that was a bad thing. Why would I have doubts? Are these questions reasonable? Could I really walk away from my faith? But I have learned one thing. No matter how deep the valley and no matter how many times I’ve wanted to throw up my hands and be done, I can’t. And I won’t.

So, I am here. I am here to share with you my thoughts and my struggles. I am here to speak to those who are like me and are facing the same struggles I am. I’m not here to look for readership or to grow something, I’m just here to provide a voice for those who are at the same place I am. If you are, welcome. Join the discussion.

God Bless.

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