Ageing Infrastructure and Climate Change Portend More Dam Failures

Our Infrastructure is Old

The Oroville Dam crisis in California is a big deal. The dam is 48 years old which is younger than the average age of our nation’s dams. The infrastructure in America is old and getting older.

Climate Change is Real

There are more intense single-day precipitation days than ever before.

With the ageing of out nation’s bridges, dams and road and the threat of a more unpredictable climate, the U.S. needs to find the political will to pass appropriations that will repair and revitalize our nation’s infrastructure.

A Large Scale Infrastructure Bill.

The Oroville Dam crisis should be a wake up call to politicians that we have a dam problem. Republicans have continually blocked large infrastructure bills during the Obama administration, and even though Trump promised a 1 trillion infrastructure bill, Republicans are finding ways to avoid the investment. The outlook does not portent well, and we should expect more infrastructure failures in the future.