One of the great things about working in the world of the web is the amount of e-mails I receive. Nothing motivates in the morning like a 3 figure unread email count… No, not really

For my personal email I use Gmail with an intricate array of filters to siphon messages off into different folders as they arrive. For the most part this works OK though some of these folders are effectively proxies for the bin but I can’t quite bring myself to admit it. However for my work email I use Outlook 2016 for Mac. It does support rules…

In How to rebase safely for profit and pleasure I looked at various techniques to help address some of the difficulties you may encounter when rebasing a set of changes. Crucially what I didn’t talk about was why you might want to rebase a set of changes in the first place or what a great end result might look like.

First of all, the why

Developers often talk about “being in the zone”. Certainly it’s the case that some complicated problems require you to get into the right mindset and build a good mental model of the problem in order to be able to solve…

Git rebasing seems to have a marmite effect on people – either they love it or hate it. It’s true that rebasing opens up a whole range of new and exciting ways to screw yourself over. Even better than that it offers up a range of wonderful opportunities to screw over your team mates as well. Yet despite that I am most definitely in the pro-rebase camp. After all, all the most powerful tools will burn you if you don’t use them properly. …

Adam Phillips

Tech lead, Scholastic UK web team

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