A Surprising Thing in our Lifetime: A Eulogy for the Pals Family
Brett Rayl

Just this past Sunday August 1st 2016, I was teaching on the scripture “they loved their lives unto death”. I read this eulogy and am in awe of such love and passion displayed for the lost by this family…and I repent of the days I feel discouraged and want to pack it in…..Their lives..my life..our lives… we who are disciples of Christ never to be wasted….but we must press on for the greater good. Sincere condolences to the friends and family of the Pals. As in the words of a lovely song….”And when you don’t understand , the purpose of His plan..In the presence of the King…Bow the Knee”….God bless you…See you in heaven soon…where’ we’ll hug all of you! Pastor Drea Daniel