Adrealm Weekly Update

September 5 — September 11, 2018

Dear Adrealm Community,

Since we are a very dynamic and lively team, we’ve decided that we’d like to cheer you up and let you get to know us. Almost personally. Half body, face and voice.


This week we’ll start with some video-news from all around the world and a tutorial for our Dashboard and the Quarry Airdrops App, but be ready for a more extensive Adrealm original video starting next week. Our team is crawling with new members and teeming with activity!

We make ourselves available for questions (and memes), don’t hesitate to contact us!

World Wide Hot Spots

Our Marketing Manager Laura
  • “Better dying on a beach than behind a screen” — Following the steps of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, billionaire Jack Ma — CEO of e-commerce giant Alibaba — stepped-down on Monday 10 September. Why? To become a full-time philanthropist, naturally (Bloomberg). Ambassador of the “Chinese dream” and a former English teacher (who in his younger days was turned down for a job by KFC), Ma recently embraced blockchain technology. In June of this year, Ma said that “Blockchain technology could change our world more than people imagine.” Is he perhaps thinking of using it for philanthropic purposes? (Bloomberg).
  • Lawyered! — China’s internet courts are now officially entitled to resort to digital data such as digital signatures, timestamps and blockchains as legal evidence in Internet-related cases. The country has two internet courts, one in the former Song capital Hangzhou, and one in Beijing; a third court is expected to convene soon in Guangzhou. (South China Morning Post)
  • Poker & Blockchain: The 2018 World Crypto Conference will be hosted in — surprise surprise — Las Vegas, NV, from October 31 to November 2. This year’s highlight will be a poker tournament powered by blockchain technology. Numbers can be randomly generated using blockchain technology and Bitcoin network’s hashes (CalvinAyre)
  • #SuperBlockchain: the Blockchain enforcer against crime: Last week we mentioned that Colombia’s President Ivan Duque intends to fight corruption using blockchain technology. This week, Twitter’s CEO announced he’s taking into consideration blockchain technology to improve the platform’s anti-fraud campaigns against fake profiles and fake news. If you have your company’s account on Twitter, you may have noticed every now and then that your followers' number drops drastically: This is due to Twitter purges to get rid of fake and inactive accounts #good_luck_with_that (Blockchaintechnology-news).
  • Bitcoin resurrection. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple prices dropped during the weekend — Bitcoin dropped by 20%. Bitcoin managed to recover partially and gained 3%, “stabilizing” at around USD$6000. Is it perhaps part of the Pump & Dump fraud system reported by the Wall Street Journal? (See our August Weekly Updates) (Bitcoinist). In any case, for those who think that Bitcoin is a bubble, a cult (the BitCult), it seems that the doom is near.
  • PwC blockchain trainees: PricehouseCoopers (PwC) — a professional services company — has recently launched a training program for 1000 of its employees to teach them the secrets behind blockchain technology. Considering that China’s government issued the Red Book of Blockchain Technology for its officials in order to facilitate the integration and implementation of this emerging technology in all sectors of its governmental system, PwC is not a pioneer in this regard. (Blockchaintechnology-news)


  • September, 11 (today): Shanghai will host the China-Australia Blockchain Symposium (澳中区块链讨论会), Adrealm is one of its respected and respect-bringing guests. We’ll post some pictures soon :)


  • Our Shanghai team has a new entry starting this week!
Our Marketing Manager Alex with Huang Ban, our new Korea Business Operation Specialist
  • Have you already signed up to our dashboard? If not, take a look at our new video with Brendon and Alex!
Adrealm Business Consultant & Quarry Director of Product Engineering Brendon with our Marketing Manager Alex
  • The Adrealm Chairman Brian Xie’s interview for the Korean Television. If you speak Chinese or Korean, take a look here!

Product & Development

Xhance news:

  • July Airdrop Verification Process completed
  • Dashboard optimization; Referral Code for Referral Bounty Campaign added
  • New advertiser on Xhance
  • Batch processing speed optimized to one hour
  • Several bugs fixed

Hoping you enjoyed our videos, see you next week!