Adrealm Weekly Update | July 1 — July 8, 2018

To the Adrealm Community,

We have officially revamped our community efforts and are excited to share key progressions with the the Adrealm community. To make sure we got everything right, it took quite some time to rebuild our whitepaper and launch communal channels. If you’d like to keep up with anything Adrealm, please join and follow our social channels:
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Product & Development

Regarding product side development, Xhance, our first dApp built and tailored for the Adrealm ecosystem, has been launched for public testing. We welcome developers and potential partners alike to learn more about this development and contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to build upon our vast network.

1. Xhance
• Constructed three new advertising channels
• Performance improvements of Fabric blockchain
• Reconstructed and optimized the functions of report (partial report pages will also be reconstructed)
• Optimized cluster deployment
• Data Alliance module enters development phase
• SDK fixes (partial bugs)

2. DTR (product code for data exchange product)
• Front-end design revamped & completed
• Agent of re-encryption service module developed
• Authority & Authentication module is in development


We have secured a strategic partnership with UPLTV with the long term goal of strengthening targeted market reach. UPLTV is a global ad mediation platform based on AI, focused on user lifetime value based analysis to help developers maximize their ad monetization strategy. Currently, UPLTV serves hundreds of mobile games around the world which equates to millions of impressions per day.


  • UPLTV hosted a meetup in Hangzhou on the topic of indie mobile game monetization. Brian Xie, CEO of Adrealm, delivered a speech entitled “Game, Advertising and Blockchain.” (July 3rd)
  • Brian Xie delivered a speech entitled “Blockchain Reconstructs Data Ecology” at the AI × Blockchain: Redefining the World conference hosted by the China Europe International Business School. (July 6th)
  • Adrealm participated in The Big Indie Fest @Reversed in Vienna. Mei Li-Berlit, European GM of Adrealm, attended as a judge for the Big Indie Pitch. (July 5th — July 8th)
  • Adrealm CEO, Brian Xie, delivered a speech entitled “Auroville: It Is Time for Digital Advertising to Work with Blockchain” in the Butterfly Transformation | Blockchain conference (also referred to as the Amicha Midyear Party). (July 8th)

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