Adding new device types to NetCrunch network monitoring

NetCrunch network monitoring offers massive scalability with a tiny network footprint

In NetCrunch, you do not have to add multiple devices one by one. You do it once and then you can apply its setting to all devices of the same type. This saves time and ensures that you monitor the same devices in the same way, thus allowing for performance comparisons and fast detection of any performance anomalies.

Custom mapped printer view in NetCrunch with live ink levels displayed

The recommended way of adding new devices to be monitored is to create a new device type first. Then, you can browse the device’s MIB structure (if this is an SNMP enabled device). We wanted to find the parameter responsible for the ink level monitoring. After finding it, we can create an alert related to the ink level. Finally, we’ll show you how to graphically present printer and its ink levels in NetCrunch.

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