This international public relations agency is seeking interns for the upcoming spring season. This company, with offices in London, New York and Tokyo, is looking for self-motivated, hard-working and enthusiastic candidates for its Intership program.

People who are interested in public relations have a great opportunity. For the upcoming spring season, the agency Exposure is seeking candidates to participate in an Intership program. This international public relations company wants self-motivated, hard-working and enthusiastic candidates. The program is unpaid, but interns could gain hands-on experience in exchange for college credit in this international company.

Exposure has offices in London, New York and Tokyo with teams specializing in women’s and men’s fashion, consumer goods, beauty and spirits. Its main objectives are to connect the dots between brands, cultures and consumers and to foster individual growth. Interns will gain valuable experience and practical industry knowledge and will have the opportunity to be mentored by a university professor on crucial skills in the PR industry.

The agency explains that the intern’s tasks will be: “developing and maintaining media lists via Cision, monitoring client placements, managing sample requests from the Showroom via Fashion GPS, filling in monthly reports for clients, assist with research for new and existing client opportunities and event coordination”. In addition, the number of positions available is very limited. To apply one, is required submit resume and cover letter via email to mimi.chang@exposure.net.

The ideal applicant should be studying communication or marketing, be familiar with actual technologies and be comfortable interacting with industry professionals. Their program will commence early and will run until May. They have to go to office from 9:30 a.m to 6:00 pm since Monday through Friday and have to be able to stay late if needed to serve all of the clients’ needs from brand strategy, marketing, media relations, events and promotions. They will also receive an unlimited monthly MetroCard. On its website (www.america.exposure.net), the agency explains all the information about the Intership program.