Coding Is Over

I commend your social networking savvy Lauren ;) I suspect you’ll want to moderate a few of these statements in a few years but keep up the enthusiasm! Software is all about making something out of nothing.

You’re right that there are some application/website ‘developers’ out there making lots of money by making some simple config changes and selling the result. However, this is not unique to software dev. Most businesses make the highest margin on the simplest product — Ponder this the next time you purchase a cup of tea or coffee at a restaurant.

You’re also right that today we have an incredibly rich and robust open source ecosystem which smart engineers can leverage to build solutions very quickly, and this has led to a drop in the number of ‘pure coder’ jobs. The modern developer needs to be widely read and continually update their knowledge (however, code will always be the best way to glue those modules together, drop the GUI idea)

When you ponder simplifying the development process, the watch-word of the industry today is delivery. The functional code or configuration change you make is only the very start of the journey. We need better tools to integrate new changes safely into highly distributed applications at high load.

Containers (Ex. Docker) and container ecosystems (Eg. Openshift, etc.) are making this far simpler than it used to be, but they still don’t ensure all the micro-services and UX components coexist as expected, or what to do if a problem develops (ie. safe rollback)

Anyway, just my humble idea for an interesting area to look into. Hope you have an amazing career, wherever this new frontier of human/machine collaboration takes us!

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