Workshop #2: Creating a play world for preferable futures

  1. It is difficult to get high-quality recordings of guests or participants if you have to record them from home over Zoom or some other online app.
  2. If the guest recording is low-quality, the only thing that can save the show is if the host voice-over is crystal clear, crisp, and high-quality by contrast!

Looking for a specific kind of person

  • Bring a totally new perspective, background, or skillset to the team: To keep creating compelling content, we need to keep things fresh!
  • Can self-manage and work independently: This is especially important for our current…

“The Board Game That Turns Feminism Into a Joke”.

internet teapot presents the third issue of the Algorithms of Late-Capitalism zine: Minorities Report — Speculative Subversions

Adriaan Odendaal

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