Why Influencer Need To BE Affiliates

Johanna Adriaansen
Feb 12 · 1 min read

As an Influencer, promoting a product or service during a dedicated period of time. Similar to a campaign. But instead of getting paid to post you’re getting paid based on the sales you make. We see this a lot during the launch of an online Instagram course. Seeing the word ‘affiliate’ in a DM or email might make your eyes roll. “You want me to BUY your product to promote it? Nah thanks.” Pretty much anyone can get that kind of offer since it’s up to you to sell the product in order to make any money. For more read our blog on “When and Why Influencers Should Also Be Affiliates”.

Johanna Adriaansen

Johanna Adriaansen is an Instagram marketing influencer that teaches female entrepreneurs, small business owners, and side hustlers how to market their business

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