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I don’t buy the assertion that high-calorie meals aren’t harmful if the food they’re made from is “clean and wholesome.” Describing food as “clean” is just a way to moralize food —and it’s a dangerous, damaging myth that leads to unhealthy relationship with food.

Given the high numbers of overweight and obese people in this country, and all of the well-known and well-described health problems caused by overweight, saying that people don’t need to know the high calorie count of Purple Carrot meals is stunningly bad.

Furthermore, other than Bittman’s hypocrisy, there is little to connect calorie labeling with GMO labeling. The concern over GMO is a conspiracy theory with no basis in reality, and promoting labeling simply legitimizes GMO paranoia. Deliberately hiding calorie counts, on the other hand, prevents consumers from making educated choices that will have provable impact on their health.

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