Cloud watching

After receiving our assignment today in class, I found myself staring up at the sky throughout the course of the day, constantly looking for clouds. Despite the minimal presence of clouds, I did see a lot more than I was expecting. I noticed that many of the trees had started changing colors (IT’S TOO EARLY FOR THIS) and the sky was an exceptional shade of blue that was hard to drag my eyes away from. While I didn’t get to feel the true experience of just having a lazy day, staring at the clouds, I could feel the serenity that must come with it. Just walking to and from my classes and glancing up at the endless sea of blue above helped me take a beat to relax in the small bits of free time that I did manage to get. Living the life I do with the schedule I have, I just don’t have time to lay around cloud-gazing. However, I do find solace in the idea that I can look up at the sky and feel just a bit of that serenity as a trudge back and forth across our campus throughout the day.

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