The Shocking Reason Millennials are Binging on Songs about Binging on Drugs
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

You may be right. Let’s assume you are. Then please think about a few things:

  • some thing backfire. Is the current situation a result of something in the past backfiring?
  • there was a big move to women emancipation that I fully agree with. The one problem that I have with it is: where is the new line? If a woman is equal to a man, they have equal rights and obligations, but some women still think they are entitled to things that used to be true in the past
  • having a family where a man and a woman are equal is hard. It is correct, but it is hard — any serious decision needs more effort or compromise if the two have differences in opinion. After a while it is becoming harder and harder, then it is called divorce. It did no happen on my grandma’s time (she is 106) but she was happy most of her life without having equality, rights, it was just life and she made the best out of it (her words, not mine). My grandpa was not a role model (not too bad either, let’s say the average guy) and my grandma is still crying after him 25 years after his death.
  • People are more selfish these days. The governments forces them to “solidarity” (socialism is growing everywhere, especially Europe and now USA) and this thing backfires making them truly more selfish. When the governments wants you to be friends with everyone in the name of “society progress” you retreat in your safe place and you care less even about the ones you should care. Making new friends, real friends, and loving someone, really loving (not just sex and time spent together) is just harder as the gaps are increasing
    Most of the people I know that are single at 30, men and women alike, are selfish and have completely unrealistic expectations from a relation. They behave like 10 year old kids that saw too many Walt Disney cartoons they believe they live in a fantasy land and when they show any sign to wake up they are frightened by the reality around them so they go back to their happy place. I call them highlanders (because they behave like they live forever so they can take all the time in the world to live a very late childhood) or others call them zombies.
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