My Experience in bootcamp so far(Day 2)

In this blog post, i document my learning experience in bootcamp with Andela on the second day.

Unlike day one of the bootcamp with Andela where i had many challenges such as poor Internet access and power black outs, on day two i was lucky to have a constant Internet connection and minimal power black outs. This gave me a chance to prepare a bit early and to contribute to my team and the other boot-campers. On Day2 i was able to set up my project structure and pushed it on github and made pull requests so that my teammates can review my code.

On day 2, i was able to practice TDD effectively because i started working on my challenge a bit early. I have gained confidence with TDD and Version control and learn’t how to set up python flask frame work in a virtual environment using virtual wrapper on my linux box and i have totally understood how the mysterious flask blueprints work and using git and github for collaborating with team members. I hope to finish up my challenge 2 on day 3

Day 2 has been a very productive day for me. I hope to continue learning through out my remaining days in bootcamp as i progress toward realizing my dream of mastering the craft of professional software development to becoming a world-class software developer at Andela

I will continue blogging about my time at Andela and sharing what i have learn’t to the rest of the world. After reading this blog please consider leaving some constructive feed back in the comment box.

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