Stories We Like

Stories have definitely evolved over generations. Simply by looking at movies we can see how stories have been adapted and because of that the expectations have changed. Millennials are looking at stories that have more depth and potentially more than one story line. In previous generation of stories I think they had morals to stories that appealed to audiences. Those stories were passed down and now the expectation has risen. The stories that grab my attention are the ones that stand out from the rest. The unique stories that have massive impacts on their environment. For example, in sports the Golden State Warriors went from being a mediocre team that nobody was really looking out for, to this historically good team. The basis of the story follows typical story guidelines but it is unique because the stakes were raised beyond an average story. I am sure there are stories that appeal to me based on my personality but I think the general appeal to stories has changed over generations. People claim this to be true all the time, and not just people from our generation. Older generations continuously point out how our generations has a shorter attention span, and are only intrigued by the things that are rare or uncommon. I would definitely agree. Older generations have set the standard for acceptance and the newer generations have raised the bar. Companies need to understand that stories need to be unique and appeal to people’s high expectations. Cookie cutter stories don’t work.

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