So I decided to start a Youtube Channel

I know all of you have been clamoring for me to start another developer Youtube channel… Crickets.

In all seriousness, I am super excited to start my first Youtube channel. My name is Adrian Eufracio. I am a developer who desperately wants to get better at my craft. I find I learn most when I am creating things and teaching the stuff I know. This channel will accomplish both of those actions. But trust me, this won’t be like most developer channels. I want my videos to more relatable, engaging, and fun the typical screencast tutorials you can find in abundance searching through Youtube. I want the viewers to see my struggles and successes as I go about trying to create web apps.

I am by no means an rockstar developer but one thing I do have is the ability to put in the man hours to get better at my craft. Even if nobody watches my videos the worst case scenario is that I get better at developing web apps. But hopefully someone can learn something with me.

Whether it be asking for help or sharing moments of breakthrough, I will be documenting my journey on Snapchat and Instagram.

Subscribe if your ready to learn with me and follow my crazy journey.

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