[Updated: October 25, 2018; the update removed references to a follow up blog post on valuing consumer tokens that I never got around to completing as I was too busy BUIDLing.]

PRToken Justified Price Over Time

As a Chartered Financial Analyst who has spent a year immersing himself in crypto as part of founding Frontier Foundry (note: rebranded as Finhaven in Q1 2018; with Frontier Foundry spun off by Boris Mann), I’ve been encouraged by the efforts of the community to develop more formal frameworks for valuing tokens (see the “Acknowledgement’s” section at the end of this post for some important contributions and contributors).


My Involvement with ProtoHack & Frontier Foundry’s First Trip to Dubai

“But why do you want to build an accessibility tool to evaluate websites and then provide a fix?” I asked the entrepreneur sitting in front of me.

“Existing web accessibility tools, treat the visually impaired like they are mentally handicapped,” the recent immigrant shares with a thick accent.

His team mate, a Brazilian lady with a glint in her eyes pipes up: “Because when I was training students in Sao Paulo, one of the instructors alongside me was visibly impaired. I witnessed daily how he struggled to access online content with existing accessibility tools.”

“That’s it! That’s how you should…

Hello, World!

Welcome to my first post on Medium.

My name is Adrian Jonklaas, and I am an entrepreneur and angel investor based out of Vancouver, BC. This post is about a particular technology which also piqued my interest as a business and financial advisor.

Question: what asset appreciated the most in 2016?

The answer is not the Dow Jones, the S&P 500, emerging markets, gold, or any of the other traditional asset classes. It is the digital asset called bitcoin(which uses the three-letter identifier, “BTC”).

Did you know bitcoin is classified as a commodity by the Commodity Futures Trading…

Indra Adrian Jonklaas

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