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I know, the title may sound weird after everybody discussing what “impermanent loss” and how you can avoid or reduce it, but we need to make a few things very clear, which I’ll explain in more detail below:

  1. The effect of “impermanent loss” is inherent to providing liquidity
  2. “Impermanent loss” is not “impermanent”
  3. What’s being called “impermanent loss” is entirely irrelevant in most cases

If you’re still not sure what DeFi is and how it works, you can read up on it and the liquidity pools on EO in this piece.

Before we get into the weeds, let’s first have a look at what “impermanent loss” is supposed to describe. I’ll simplify a few things to not make it too technical. …

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If you’ve paid attention to the Dapp and token listings in Wombat, you might have noticed the terms Equilibrium, EOSDT or NUT since a few weeks ago (or, you might just know what all of that is, then you can safely skip the intro). This guide will explain what all of that is, what’s cool about it and how you can start earning EOS, EOSDT or NUT tokens in no time.

What’s Equilibrium?

Equilibrium ( calls itself the “All-in-one interoperable DeFi hub”, so to understand what you can do, you would need to know Decentralized Finance (DeFi) generally is. In a nutshell, DeFi subsumes all kinds of applications running on a blockchain which reflect traditional finance products like credit/lending, investment pools, exchanges and many more. There is infinitely more information about DeFi in the Coinbase Blog or dedicated resources like DeFi Pulse. …

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With Angry Warlord, we’re happy to welcome the first Telos-based title into our family of games. In this guide, we will share our secrets of becoming the most powerful rhino raider and show you what makes Angry Warlord one of the most addictive blockchain games ever!

What is Angry Warlord?

Angry Warlord is a runner game where your warlord character keeps running through a set of levels at increasing speed. It offers fairly simple gameplay. You can only time your jumps — and some special abilities — to avoid obstacles, destroy opponents and collect powerups. But it only sounds easy.

If you’d like a little sneak peek into Angry Warlord’s gameplay, check out this short…

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At Wombat, we always strive to bring the most value to our users in terms of accessing and using decentralized applications, specifically blockchain-powered games. We do this by providing free accounts and resources as well as a premium user experience (UX).

Since its launch in June 2019, Wombat has become the fastest-growing EOS wallet with over 80000 users from over 160 countries who have signed millions of transactions via the mobile Android and iOS apps, as well as the Chrome extension.

Today, as a next step in the evolution of Wombat, we’re excited to announce that Wombat goes multi-chain by incorporating support for the Telos network! …

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As of April, 24th, we welcome ChainZ Arena to Wombat’s spectacular family of games! This post will help you get ahead in the game right off the bat. Let’s get you ready for battles!

What is ChainZ Arena?

ChainZ Arena calls itself an “Idle Mining RPG”, which basically means three things:

  • Your heroes vary and advance depending on their class, stats and etc. (the RPG part)
  • You don’t have to be online all the time; you basically make progress in the game without being super active (the Idle part)
  • You can earn cryptocurrencies (EOS, ETH or TRX) by playing the game (the Mining part)

Despite being a newcomer, ChainZ Arena is already one of the more complex games in the space and will likely have high replay value. …

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Wombat is the ideal place if you want to get started with the EOS blockchain and play games that utilize it. Since many of these games entail play-to-earn mechanics, a number of people were asking us how to get some tokens on Wombat. In this post, I want to compile a few instructions and links to give you an overview of that.

In case you’re entirely new to Wombat, also check out this getting started guide.

I’ll go game by game, in alphabetical order. Note that this and any linked posts may not exhaust all the ways you could earn with Wombat. …

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Hello, and welcome to Wombat!

This is a guide for absolute beginners — people with no blockchain or cryptocurrency experience, no idea about why decentralized games would be beneficial, and who don’t know what to use Wombat for.

Let’s start with a few general remarks.

What is Wombat?

Wombat is your gateway to games based on blockchain technology. Our goal is to make blockchain games as easily accessible and as much fun (or even more!) as traditional, non-blockchain games.

What is a blockchain and what does it do?

Without going into too much detail — a blockchain is an internet-based technology which allows you to really own your digital assets, and lets you transact with those assets in a secure way. Wombat is not a blockchain itself and we don’t run a blockchain, but Wombat gives you access to blockchain, in our case the EOS blockchain. …

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EOS Racing has been a super popular game amongst Wombat users; in this post, we want to give you more information about how to get started and how to earn EOS with EOS Racing.

What is EOS Racing?

EOS Racing is a skill-based racing game where you steer a virtual car against the clock, trying to reach the end of the track as fast as possible. The tricky part is that you must avoid crashes and overtake other vehicles while boosting yourself with the slipstream from behind them.

How do you get started?

What follows is tailored specifically to users playing EOS Racing on Wombat — so you might want to get Wombat, too. On Android and iOS, go to the explorer tab in Wombat and simply open EOS Racing. On Chrome (or Brave), click on the Wombat logo in your Chrome extensions, choose Explore and select EOS Racing from there. …

If you download the Wombat app on Android or your upgrade to the latest version 1.10.0, you’ll notice a different design — this is the old one:

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Vs the new, more modern design:

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Some of you might wonder why this has changed. For us, it was a natural step towards our own vision of Wombat combined with insights on the actual app use.

The origin of Wombat, and the path ahead

We originally started Wombat as a solution to easily access Dapps on the EOS blockchain, and tens of thousands of users have been appreciating this a lot ever since we launched. …

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In the first part of our guide, we started off by explaining the core game mechanics of Crypto Dynasty and gave some basic hints for earning some EOS in the game. In this sequel, we’re getting into the juicier parts and going over some earning, ehm, strategies.

6 ways of earning EOS

Overall, there are six ways to earn EOS from within Crypto Dynasty. While they have varying dynamics, almost all follow a similar logic: the stronger your Heroes are, the more you can make. But first, let’s have a look at the different options to earn EOS:

  • Sell material, equipment and items
  • Stake TKT…


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