How cloud changes the way you do business

I have been in cloud consultancy business for over eight years and what a ride this has been. It all started as my own entrepreneurship dream where I decided to leave the steady but boring job in the big bad Bank (BBB as I call it lovingly) and turned out into the most amazing experience where I have had the chance to look each day how cloud computing changes and transforms businesses around the world. Miadria Group is still in its early age and being pioneers I am sure we will be here for a long time to assist companies on their journey to the new technologies.

I would like to be clear what I mean when I say cloud. To illustrate two common scenarios — first one is where five years ago you had a server room and then, swept over with the desire to be modern you decided to invest money in bigger rooms, buildings and more bricks with more servers. Now you have what you lovingly call the cloud but it is not really automated and your security is not top notch, lots of people are maintaining it and you are overwhelmed. Sincerely, you need to hear the truth — this is not cloud. To illustrate this is as if you decided to turn your basement to the wine cellar and forgot to take out all the garbage… You might have invested a ton of money into this data center but this is still not giving you all the advantage that true cloud would have brought you if you decided to take that path. The only exception is if you are big enough so that it makes sense for you to go and build your own cloud but this is an exception so rare that I will not go into details here.

The second one is when a company decides to buy SaaS, IaaS, PaaS or some other service from reputable cloud service providers like Google, Microsoft, AWS…. This means you are using the cloud — you are buying service (will not go into details, this is a topic that is well covered in various places) and letting big guns take care of important stuff. Your company needs to concentrate on your business and not on running servers and you are using the cloud to help you excel at what you are doing to earn money and paying for the service to companies that know what they are doing… Just a small digression — there are respectable public cloud providers besides those big three — Aliyun, Yandex to name a few — but in this game, we are not including small hosting companies.

Using a true cloud will also enable you fully to use other new and exciting technologies like AI services and machine learning that is enabled by the cloud.

Now that we got over this I would like to tell you more on how using the cloud can really transform your business and why this information might matter to you even though you might not be aware of it right now.

When you look into the past of the business world we see that more and more companies in Fortune 500 are new companies with new business models. Business is becoming increasingly dependent on innovation and ability to adapt. Google is only twenty years old, Facebook is fourteen and we cannot imagine living in a world without them. And yet many companies believe that change is something that is not necessary and that the way they are making money now will not change. Being able to adapt is imperative for all companies today. Who is to say that the food industry will not get changed thoroughly with advances in artificial meat production. Transportation — look out for Tesla trucks that will soon be driving themselves, drones delivering in many places all over the world and bet on transportation business staying the same — you might turn out to be broke real soon. Carriers, businesses have to adapt all the time. And keeping your old world old and outdated will not help you to be innovative. Being agile, able to expand your workforce easily, share knowledge, train people, access all the information you have in your company from your mobile and whenever you need it is not something you can live without. Business opportunities are harder and harder to come by if you are not creatively looking for them. Using the cloud can assist you in all of that. It can give you the best tools at each moment to perform better. Having the right tools and right technologies in place will change the way you think about your business. It will literally enable you to be wherever you want to be in whatever shape or form. Opening an office in Tokyo? Need to communicate with Japanese employees. Try doing it with traditional IT with servers on-premise and it will be a nightmare. In the cloud, you can just procure your Japanese employees with all they need to be productive and even have AI translate all their emails from Japanese to any language in a second.

Cloud will change the level of innovation you can afford and it will enable your employees to focus on one thing that is most important in the end — making money doing what you do. And cloud can also help you to get rid of that old tale told by analysts. When they tell companies they should focus on their core business my hair just stands on my head in horror. Why? It is simple — because in today’s world core business is an old business. Core business is what makes you money and technologies are there to enable you to make money doing what you do best. It is as easy as that. Focus on what works and keep with it until you need to change again. Counting on being in the market the longest, or having the largest market share is not what will bring you longevity in the business. Being able to evolve and adapt easily will. And this is where the cloud comes into play, it will enable you to evolve and adapt to all that is going on. It will help with innovation and keeping employees alert and agile. It will not give you excuses why the disk is so full and the server is so slow, it will bring you to the next level of productivity and understanding and give your company new outlook on life.