Permablitz Your Rebellion

  1. Resilience, those things we will attempt to keep to help us through the coming climate chaos (like compassion, collaboration, information dissemination systems…);
  2. Relinquishment, those things we will have to ditch to become efficient and compassionate as we navigate an uncertain future (our idea that economic growth is “progress”, our dependence on current forms of security and status, built-in obsolescence, plastic…);
  3. Restoration, those things we can bring back that were thrown by the wayside of industrialization (simple tools with few moving parts, the kitchen garden, community canning, bartering and time-banking…); and finally,
  4. Reconciliation, making peace with those we have hurt, excluded, human and non-human, with earth herself, and recognizing we are all mortal and vulnerable as individuals, but everlasting, healthy, and strong as a biodiverse and equitably interdependent system.
  1. Observe and Interact
“Panels on the roof” by joncallas is licensed under CC BY 2.0
  1. How are these panels produced (extractive resources, child labor)?
  2. Am I actually able to repair a broken panel (built-in obsolescence, too technical)?
  3. Where will they go when they no longer function (pollution)?
  4. How will I pay for such an expensive energy gadget and how many years will it take to reach a break-even point?
  5. But the most important question is, could I live without electricity? Do I have the skills and the backup means to live a simple yet full life without the consumption of vast amounts of energy?
“Sunset Harvest” by StevanBaird is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0
“tadpoles!” by squashbottomcat is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0




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Adriana Chanmala

Adriana Chanmala

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