Faster Than SEO: 3 Easy Tips To Supercharge Your Search Results With Organic Traffic

Adriana Lima
3 min readNov 22, 2023


In today’s digital world, it’s not just realtors constantly repeating the words, “location, location, location.”

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In a way, digital marketing agencies have almost become the realtors of the internet, helping you find key locations to get your business noticed — but obviously, not all of your options were created equal.

Here’s the thing — the methods that worked a decade ago, or even a few years ago, are not really that effective anymore.

Imagine it like this, you run a convenience store, and a realtor sets you up in a sweet location.

There are nearby suburbs, schools, and businesses, practically guaranteeing that your store will see a ton of business…

But what happens when a dozen other convenience stores move onto the same block?

That’s similar to what’s happening online, as the old methods are becoming overused, and oversaturated, making them less and less effective.

So what do you do?

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3 New Ways To Advertise…. Without The Advertising

Is the new headline confusing?

It will all make sense in a minute, just bear with me.

This is actually really simple, if you think about it — what do you do when the market is totally oversaturated?

You find a new market, or a new way to approach your existing market, that’s totally different.

Here are 3 sure-fire ways that are being used effectively, right now.

1. Social Media Management

It’s all about the socials — but they’re nearly as dangerous as they are advantageous.

If you’re a marketing master, down with the millennials, zoomers, and boomers — then you may be able to do this yourself…. But be careful.

One mistake can be too many — just like one viral post can rocket you to global fame overnight.

2. CTR Manipulation

Maybe my favorite technique, this option uses one of several methods to mess with the Click-Through Rate for your website, and the search engines love that.

When they see that you’re getting a much higher volume of clicks, the algorithm that chooses who gets listed on top is all like, “Hey, that website is hot today, people are interested, so let’s bump it up higher.”

Just be careful though, there are several ways to manipulate your Click-Through Rate, and you always want to choose an ethical company to manage it.

3. BackLinks

This technique is a classic, but still one of the most effective, and the simplest.

All you really need, are links back to your website, from other popular websites.

That shows the search algorithms that your website is interesting, relevant, and trustworthy enough to be linked to, and that’s some serious points in your favor.

The more links, the higher up the list you’ll get placed. It’s that easy.

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I’m not trying to say that traditional SEO is dead — it’s just so oversaturated, that it’s not enough of a strategy on its own.

If you want to supercharge your search engine results and get listed near the top, there are easier ways — the right marketing agency might even be able to combine all of these techniques, for a triple-whammy.

It’s your business, and you can run it any way you want — but if I were you, I would stop spending on traditional ads, and start spending on the future.