AESTHET 1T 16-17 midterm

Metropolitan Museum Visit

Government related museums, like Met, own artworks and display it to the public its because they can help the marketing and exhibition of one’s work. They also can help artists produce art. When they display these arts, it is always more on the educational purposes it holds.

Philippine Configuring Print

This painting by Norman Montifar looks very classy and deep that I can’t think of any to reflect just from looking at the portrait. Based on the title “The Watcher”, I think the painting tries to say that we don’t just watch at one angle. The best way to observe is looking in different kinds of point of views. As you can see, there is only not one person here, but three. You can also consult other people on how they conceived those points they saw. Thus, you can make more accurate and right judgement on the object you’re observing. I am also amazed that printing inks can be used as painting materials. The artist is really skilled because he controlled perfectly the ink without having unnecessary shapes along the outlines of the figures.

This feels nostalgic. Before, we make kites with my dad when I was still a kid. In the painting, there are different designs of kites. Others are playing with it, some are just watching. Its like a real reflection of how windy parks are, many flying kites. This was also made by ink. He sure did well on having the ink make a fading effect without spreading too much think layer of ink, unless it was powdered.

This feels like your old memories stored in your mind. The way how lively, beautiful and creative you view the world and your dreams before. Right now, its just a mere shadow in your past. As time passes by, these will be broken down and forgotten. Its fascinating how the artist illuminated wonderful magical creatures negatively and turned them into something creepy by the use of the dark background color.

This symbolized farmers here in the Philippines. How they used carabaos to help them travel and plow land for the crops is kind a peaceful way of living. I also have tried to travel on a carabao’s back when I was small. My mom’s family side owns a large farm where they plow the land. Its fun to ride a carabao! They are nice, calm and strong. My mom used to say to me that the carabao’s poo is a chocolate cake and it does look like one. Its more of an ice cream shape though.

Philippine Contemporary :

To Scale the Past and Present

At this point of the exhibit, taking photos of the objects displayed are not allowed. Ugh…

I don’t know if this is illegal or not. LOL! YOLO. I think this is the sculptor’s opinion of his ideal body type for a woman. It represents a woman’s perfect body shape and it is venus for him. Venus is a goddess of beauty in the Greek Mythology.

The art object looks decieving from a distance, it looks soft and fluffy. When you go near and look at it closely, its actually made of this sharp objects. I want to touch it, because my brain is confused. Haha

This art is displayed through a clip that shows ceramic stuffs being thrown all around the ground and then rewind it backwards. It might be boring, but I am entertained just watching the things getting broken and being fixed again.

This has many elements combined into one portrait. It is very wise how the artist chose the objects beinf includes on the art that would generalize what animism is and what things it includes. Like trees, seas, animals etc. that had a possiblility to be possesed by spirits.

It looks like a very ancient mud sculpture. I would like to know if its real or just a copy。

Met Museum is very different from National Museum. It has lesser art displays and I think a part of it is still being renovated. The exhibit is smaller and fewer than NT that is why there is not much life in it. Also it has lesser guard personnel watching out for the art works. In Met there are many video based art displayed. For me, it is disappointing. There are very few artworks for Configuring Philippine Print. Also the seats there were not cleaned, when we sat we got our black bottoms dusted with white matter. We were the only people who visited that day, so I didn’t quite visualize the kind of people visiting in Met. But in the museum’s log book, I saw other students from a different school who also visited. I guess students are one of the common visitors of Met and maybe they also do it for a subject activity.