IA3: Up Close and Personal

Artist: Abe Orobia

Right now, I think being an arts teacher is his contribution to the society. Through teaching people he shares his knowledge and skill to others that eventually can spread through the whole country and be somebody else’s inspiration.

He has the skill and love for his work. He doesn't do art for others to appreciate, but he is doing this for his love for it. It teaches you not to listen to what negative things others say about you. Just be yourself and don't be dictated what the people around you says about you and your work.

Artist: Haidee Lopez

Based on her career on her career as a Graphic Designer and Layout Artist is that she can easily catch attention and influence people. I saw her works and it is really catchy. Because of that, clients are keep coming for her work, which I think is a really big help to the economy of the country. Being a skilled artist in her field of work, it is a really big point to the Filipinos so that we can be recognized in the future by foreign countries when it comes to art.

I admire her passion for her job, it makes her job more easier and beautiful. It is easy for her to find inspiration and basis for her work because its just almost everything she sees, she can base an art out of that. Its so natural for her to acquire clients, all she has to do is to be better, learn, create, and have fun.

Artist: Jilson Tiu

By taking photos, he inspires the people, because each photo has its own meaning. Like it gives you different point of views, situations, scenarios etc. each photo he takes. He wants to say something important through the use of the photos’ impact that says an important message that can be an eye opener to the society.

His imagination and the ability to feel the right moment or time to do things, like for him on taking photos, makes the photos’ message recognizable by its viewers. He has a fast mind, because not every object can give meaning, he knows which to capture. He can decide fast and accurate, why do I say so? because if not, how can he take a picture of the moments at the exact time and at a perfect angle?

How can their qualities help me in my future career?

Having love and passion for your work, it leaves you that relief and enjoyment before, during, and after you’ve done your job. You feel no regrets and lack of motivation when you do it. It really helps when you feel passion because you make your work easily and much more perfect because you know how and what is a good and bad work. It is only not the knowledge of things you base creations, but also the instinct you use and value for you behind the art work or job. I learned also from them that you don't take criticisms as offensive, with the right reason about it, you just learn from it. It also doesn't matter if others judge your work, you’re not doing what you it because of them but because you love doing them. It will help me gain more confidence, but the humbleness must be instilled in you. Also deciding on things right, fast and accurate because when I am already working in the future, I know that people will confidently rely on me. They don't have to worry anymore if I do my responsibilities right. Lalo na sa passion mo, kagaya rin ng sabi ng gepsych prof namin, pag ikaw ang nag decide alam na nilang tamang ang decision mo dahil subok ka na nila.

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