My goodness! This is a term that has been thrown about all around me as a computer student from all the way back in primary school. Even if I’ve heard it God knows how many times, I’ve never really understood the gravity of it…

Until today.

Today was the day I learned just how unforgiving a machine is. In one of the codes for a function I was writing, I struggled so hard to actually make it do what it was supposed to that I forgot that the function was supposed to output in a certain format. All that time that I spent running through the apparent logic that I needed seem to all have been in vain, because in the manner that my function executes the task, gives me no leeway to change the format of the output. So in as much as my program does what it’s supposed to, it actually doesn’t.

Stay with me here, don’t want to lose you too.

That is the exact moment when the term GIGO suddenly came to mind. I can remember my primary school teacher mumbling to himself, “You must always remember this acronym if you plan on making computers your career. What does it mean you ask? Garbage In Garbage Out. If the computer isn’t working, it’s your fault.”

That’s a hard pill to swallow.

“Think I care about your feelings! Swallow! No water for you either!”