How to stop running in circles:

  • Take a large piece of chalk and draw a large rectangle on the floor. Follow the line.
  • If you see the same tree over and over again, take heart. You might just be running through an orchard.
  • Simply walk in circles. Why exhaust yourself?
  • Use a map.

For the last couple months, I’ve been working on creating a calendar planner. More like a life planner. In my desperate desire to become organized, I scoured the Internet for recommendations on the best planners. While cell phones do wonders when it come to reminders and syncing across devices, it’s one of my personal goals to stay OFF my phone whenever possible, so a physical planner will have to do. Nothing was “just right.” I was Goldilocks, but I was checking all the wrong houses. That’s when a YouTube organization guru talked about the planner she created, and I became convinced to make my own!

It’s hard to explain the hours of creating a tool to become organized to your spouse, particularly when you give up some precious time that could be spent actually catching up on to-do’s. Ok, so maybe a whole lot of time. Finally the day came and my planner was printed, bound, and ready! Tonight, a few weeks later, I realized that just having a planner doesn’t equal results. I’m having to train myself to actually use it. Refer to it. Start my week with it. Look ahead with it.

I feel like I’m running in circles, too. But I’m working with a map now. It’s got some smudges, coffee stains, and some empty gaps, but it’s pointing me forward. So onward I go.