CORAL WAY: A Neighborhood Gem

The Coral Way neighborhood is an absolute gem, so don’t overlook it. Coral Way will always have a special place in my heart after growing up in this area, and helping buyers and sellers in their real estate transactions, it allows me to understand the market at a different level. While it’s not as busy as Downtown Miami, it’s still full of life, with friendly residents, great restaurants and café’s, and it’s the perfect combination of nature and architecture.

I believe many people overlook it because they’re too busy considering at its neighboring areas like The Roads, Coconut Grove, and Coral Gables. But the trick is, if you can’t afford to buy in the neighborhood that you long for, buy in an area that’s as near to it as possible, and just wait, because in the next 10 + years, — if not before — your neighborhood will be trending!

Coral Way is very well known for the road Coral Way that was established by the founder of Coral Gables, George E. Merick. This road was made to connect downtown Miami to Coral Gables. In 1929, 1200 Banyan trees were planted along the median of the boulevard. It’s truly one of my favorite roads to take when I’m leaving work to go back home. I love having a scenic route, especially after a long day. Today, Coral Way remains one of the most beautiful corridors in South Florida.

To understand what Coral Way incorporates, it basically takes over from 12 Ave — 37 Ave and from SW 8 ST TO US1

Coral way has different sub neighborhoods:

  • Coral Gate: light yellow
  • Shenandoah: green
  • Silver Bluff: pink

Selling homes compared to condos is very different. Every home is unique. Condos, on the other hand, are identical units with the same style and finishing’s. Single-family homes are different from one another, and Coral Way homes are one of a kind. First, the location is beyond exceptional, just a couple of minutes from the urban core, Downtown Coral Gables, Little Havana, Coconut Grove and Miami International Airport. Architecturally, it’s one of my favorite neighborhoods, specially Shenandoah, were most of the homes have a mixture of Mission Revival style and in other parts you might find some Art Deco style too. Although many of the homes were built in the early 20’s and 30’s, most of them have been tastefully renovated, while still maintaining the homes exterior structure and certain aspects of the interior.

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