What's your New Year Plan?

May this year not filled with empty resolutions. I recommend my 6 Ps for achieving anything that you commit to do this year and beyond, whether it is to be healthier, happier and wealthier. They are: Pray, Passion, Plan, Persistent, Patience, Position. I will briefly explain each of them.

1. Pray

Whatever you do, include God into it. One must know though that God help those who help themselves. You often times Pray but leave out the other Ps. Thats ingredient for failure. Throughout your journey to achieving success, you will face some real challenging times. You will be forced to turn to god asking him to give you strength but embrace the process. Most times God has a greater plan for you that you did’nt know about. Give gratitute!

2. Passion

Life is like a beach filled with waves, some big some small. Please ride the waves well. While riding, it’s your passion for doing what you set out to do that will cause you not to give up. Persistence is hard with lack of passion. Passion for doing what you do reminds you never to quit on your health, aim for wealth, keeping your family intact. Achieving success overall!

3. Plan

You must have heard a million times, if you don't plan then you plan to fail. You must have a plan on how you are going to achieve any task. How will you get to Montego Bay? Do you just drive or you plan your route? It is simple, plan your journey. You do not have to wait on January 1st to plan. Tip: when you plan, put deadlines, timelines and numbers then measure your success. Your plan must be a
S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based.) method of implementation.

4. Persistence

Determination is key. Focus on progress while failing. Embrace failure, our culture teaches us that failing is bad, it makes us afraid to try because of fear of failure. Fail, fail and fail. Each time you fail have the patience never to give up. Use the knowledge gained from failures to improve at each attempt until you are successful. Sometimes you give up just as you were to achieve success. You just needed to try again. Remember, knowledge reduces risk. The more knowkedge you gain the less risky your next attempt. Never quit! I normally say business is not risky. The lack of knowledge creates risk.

5. Patience

Trust the process and be patient. You are so impatient you want success now. It does not work like that. Do not envy another person's success. Be persistent. You are your greatest cause for the lack of your success. People are so impatient and envious they want promotion overnight, want to rich quick, want a house quick, stop the rush instead Build a sustainable future.

6. Position

Opportunity favours the prepared therefore position yourself for opportunities. Opportunities sometimes pass you because you were not prepared. You may need to train, learn new skill sets, invest or expand business. Do not be one of those people to say I shoulda, coulda, woulda. You are ready to capitalize on the opportunity that presents itself.

Tell me your story at the end of 2018 after following the above 6 P's for success. Have a fantastic year my friend.

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