How to choose an SEO Consultant in Newry — or anywhere!

Every small business needs a steady flow of new business enquiries. No business can survive for long without it.

And what’s the fastest way to get new business leads? Google of course. Most people turn to Google when they’re looking for a new product or service. Being on page 1 of the search results is where you need to be when your potential customers are searching.

Even local businesses in a town like Newry have lots of competition. No matter what industry or market you operate in, you’ll likely have at least 2–3 local competitors. You’re all chasing after the same potential customers, hoping that they’ll find you first.

How can you grab your slice of the local business pie? And how can you make that pie as large as possible? Marketing is the answer — like it or not…

So, what’s the best way to market your business? You might think that Marketing is for big businesses, with a big budget and specialist marketing people? Not so!

In years gone by, small business marketing included newspaper advertising and yellow pages. If you still hope to rely on these, there’s bad news. Newspaper readership has shrank and readers often scan the papers for items of interest.

The yellow pages / golden pages often go from post box to wheelie bin without stopping. Even elderly people go online as they become the last section of society to change their search habit.

According to Adrian McGivern of Leading Results Marketing, an SEO consultant in Newry, getting your business found on Page 1 of Google is important if you want to grow your customer base.

The phone books and local business directories have been replaced by Google search. Just think about it. When was the last time you even considered looking for a phone book?

What does it take to get on Page 1?
The obvious answer is you’ll need a website as a starting point. In 2017, it is surprising that there are still many small businesses that don’t have a site.

Assuming you have a site, what else do you need? Well’ you need content. Content is the words on the pages of your site. Content needs to tell the reader, and Google, what your site, and your business is about.

Content tells your story. It describes the services or products you offer. It gives the reader a good idea of who you’re target customer is. You need to produce sufficient content to be seen as an authority in your space (yes, even in a local area). You should aim to have several thousand words of content on your site. The more the better!

Your potential customers are using certain words and phrases to search Google for the services that you provide. When creating content, it’s important to keep these words and phrases in mind and ensure that they are included in the articles you write and publish on your site.

This is a little bit of a balancing act — as too few of these words and your content is not relevant. Too many, and Google sees it as spam — stuffed content!

So in summary — the starting point to getting found on Google is adequate, relevant content and including search terms and keywords in your content.

This is just a starting point. SEO in Newry and similar towns and cities is getting pretty competitive. Often you will need to include semantic markup (a coding that only a good SEO consultant will be able to help you with), and quality inbound links to your site (which again, you’ll probably been the help or advice of your local SEO in Newry to do).

Adrian McGivern is a highly experienced and professional SEO consultant in Newry. He works with small and medium business, to get them on Page 1 of Google fast. You’ll find him at

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