It’s the holy grail of natural personal care products — and it’s hard to find

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Making the switch to natural deodorant can result in a lot of smelly experimentation. “I used the Schmidt’s vanilla rose deodorant and loved the smell, but after a couple weeks, my armpits started to smell like rotten corn chips,” says Bellen Drake, a photography instructor.

Sanura Weathers, a Brooklyn-based food blogger says she makes the choice to use natural products in all other aspects of her life but draws the line at deodorant. …

You learn a lot of surprising things when you train as a menopause educator. Like menstruation, it’s a perfectly natural process that’s cloaked in secrecy. Most of us stumble into it perimenopause knowing very little about what to expect or even what the word means: menopause is when you’ve gone 12 months without a period. Perimenopause is the wild ride of fluctuating and plummeting hormones that comes before.

Another little-known aspect is how much the cumulative effect of stress on your body can affect your experience of perimenopause and beyond. The discomforts of “the change” go way beyond hot flashes…

When I read Sarah Silverman’s account of her breast sonogram on Instagram it pissed me off. Briefly, here’s what went wrong.

  1. The technician applied gel directly to both of her breasts at once with his bare hands.
  2. He left her exposed while discussing her x-ray.
  3. When he used the sonogram wand, he allowed his (again!) bare fingers to drag along for the ride.
  4. He did all of this without her consent.

Nope. None of that is supposed to happen. And I’m writing this now for anyone who’s never had a breast sonogram, just in case (because I’ve had a couple…

Small bouts of exercise — like climbing stairs — could improve fitness

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If you’re like most Americans, you’ve been avoiding the gym. And it’s probably not necessarily because you hate exercising. Getting a workout can involve traveling to a fitness location, changing clothes, using equipment, navigating other exercisers, and then, of course, 30 to 60 minutes of physical endurance.

But what if taking the stairs a few times a day could “count” as exercise?

Canadian scientists who helped popularize high intensity interval training (HIIT) and the “one-minute workout” have released new research that supports a new way to improve physical fitness: “exercise snacks.”

No, it’s not a protein-based energy gel. It’s what…


My search for a better way to detect breast cancer

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I parted my hospital robe and carefully propped my right breast onto a chilly shelf, pressing my ribs against the mammography machine. I inhaled slowly, trying to relax. As the plates pressed down, my breath stopped, and my eyes watered.

We would never do this to a man’s balls, I thought, once the tortilla press released my breast. We can send men to the moon, but we can’t create a better way to find breast cancer?

Ask any radiologist and they will tell you that the mammogram is the gold standard for detecting breast cancer. That’s largely because of the…

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