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Hi. So i sent you a mail with a couple of questions, after i read the FAQ, and i missed one. How do you choose the people in the show ? ( they come to an interview or something ) They have to sign some contract which gives you permission to use the records with them? For under age people do the parents sign something? This kind of things seem very important because you use their image in the show, i mean at a legal level.

The last question, if i choose to have a full content of react videos and then produce other videos ( on which i will desire full revenue ) and continue doing the react videos, can i change in the future the contract ? Or as it is the first time , it will be forever? What i mean is that i want first create some react videos, but i also might do other productions which will have nothing or little to do with your productions.

For those ones who think this is evil. You just got an opportunity to be supported by a big company on Youtube for free. The fact that they branded these shows is a smart move, nobody stopped the others to do the same. Maybe they are greedy, maybe not, but you, for sure, get their support if you do this. I see this as a win-win. Anyway until you earn something from your channel ( Subscribers, Views ) they will still be there for you.

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